• Homecoming Issue

My name is Mikayla Carter. Hot air balloons, tennis, and ice cream are my favorite things. I aspire to one day be a neurosurgeon. I will one day be able to buy my own private jet, and I will fly it to Ireland where I will spend the rest of my days.  That of course, is just the future. In the past I was an astronaut. In fact, I recently discovered a new planet that will be called “The Most Spectacular Planet Discovered by Mikayla, Whom Calls it Planet,” but for short, we just call it “Planet.” –I’m just kidding. I was a regular elementary school kid… astronauts aren’t the ones to discover planets anyhow. Now, for the present, I am a writer for the school newspaper! Oh, but that’s not all folks. I volunteer all of the time, I'm involved in a youth group and several clubs including Astra and the Prevention team. Also, I am the secretary of the Roseburg Sheriff's Department Search and Rescue Team. I run a lot and play tennis all the time. I work out at the Y and really just like to have a good time. I’m a very optimistic person and try to be very active and have fun doing it. So, pretty much I am everywhere, if you see me say hello.

Mikayla Carter, Writer and Editor