RHS Graduation

Amy Latham

Senior year has always been a memorable experience for high school graduates, with Prom and graduation being a few of the highlights. It has been every senior’s dream to walk across the stage of their high school and be handed their diploma: something that represents all the hard work that was put into 13 years of education. This year, though, those dreams have been cut short for many high-school and college graduates around the nation after events were postponed, some even canceled in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite this, the RHS staff found a way to celebrate this year’s seniors in different ways: distributing yard signs, a parade, and even finding a way to hold a modified graduation ceremony. With the graduation, seniors were allotted a time to walk across the stage of the Rose Theater as they were filmed accepting their diploma. Many seniors are grateful they were given the opportunity to walk across a stage, one many seniors across the nation will never get. After filming the graduation, teachers and other staff will hold a parade giving students the chance to drive by as they gave their seniors one last good-bye.