An Interview With LiveYours


Annaleah Ruble, Staff Writer

Starting from a random idea, Shannon Todd and Schylar Thompson decided to come up with a clothing brand originally calling it ST based on each of their initials back in 2018. The lifelong friends ran with the idea using an ST logo Shannon had drawn up for a fake business created in an economics class in high school. When asked what started LiveYours, Todd explains, “LiveYours was all in all a random idea. We (Schylar Thompson and I) had just been putting random designs on shirts as a side job, then we had a light bulb moment and thought it would be cool to have our own clothing brand, and so we did just that. At the time nobody else was really doing it and it felt like a unique path to take.” Surprised with the results in sales, they decided to take the idea more seriously and began teaching themselves the art of business. A short time later, the company grew up, and they switched the company name to LiveYours getting the term LiveYours from a hashtag on Instagram. Today, LiveYours represents living life to its fullest, taking risks and pursuing a passion. When someone wears and represents the brand, they are representing their true inner passion, no matter what adventure it is. LiveYours was founded in Roseburg Oregon but not limited to just the one location. With an ever-growing instagram and website, anyone has the opportunity to get an adventure branded hoodie, t-shirt, and or more for a comfy, stylish look to go along with any adventure people may be pursuing. When Thompson and Todd were asked their favorite thing about the brand, they both agreed, “It’s hard to pick one thing that’s our favorite just because we love so many things about it. But if we had to pinpoint one thing I’d have to say we both love that it provides an opportunity to turn your core friend group into a team, you really begin to realize what a group of people can get done when you put your mind to it.” “The message LiveYours is to live your life of passion and adventure. Do not be afraid to be yourself and take risks and enjoy what you like to do in life.” Checkout their website with new clothing for the upcoming holidays at as well as the instagram @liveyours_apparel.