Personal Accounts on Valentine’s Day

Grace Harker, Entertainment Section Editor

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Chase Forsloff (freshman):
“I haven’t really had much on Valentine’s Day in the gift category, but probably my favorite was a bag of skittles from 6th grade. The ideal gift? A car. No doubt about it. Preferably a sports car. I would buy gifts for my family (I get them chocolate) because they are always supportive and kind.”

Josiah Buster (senior):
“Okay, the best Valentine’s gift I’ve ever been given was a giant Hershey kiss from my mom on the Valentine’s Day my crush rejected me. I ate away my sorrows. I consider the ideal gift to be sweet but also something that will make them laugh, a kind of inside joke if you will. After a heartbreaking rejection in eighth grade, I now buy Valentine’s candy exclusively for my family.”

Rachel Saulls (sophomore):
“My favorite memory of Valentine’s Day wasn’t just one year. Every year, my mom will do one simple thing that lights up my day. She always buys me a small box of chocolates. It’s something very small and yet makes me happy. That’s my best memory.”

Cheyenne (senior):
“It’s going to sound cheesy, but the best Valentine’s gift I ever got was roses that my mom got for me because my middle name is rose, and she said they were ‘for her little rose’. I think Valentine’s Day is too idealized and that people shouldn’t expect gifts, but do. Valentines should be more focused around spending time with the people you love and care about. I don’t buy things for people on Valentine’s Day, I just buy them things her and there throughout the year. But if I were to buy things for people, it would be my friends, family, and anyone else I care about. I’d buy them cute little things that remind me of them.”

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Personal Accounts on Valentine’s Day