Yesterday’s wacky trends

Taryn Richardson, staff writer

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The calendar flips to 2019, it is time to look back on all the wacky trends that were all over the Internet. Many trends were crazy and very unusual but now days that would be the new normal. 2018 was the year of  bad but as well as good, this year was definitely a roller coaster.

This time last year, the trend eating Tide Pods among teenagers became very popular. Tide Pods are the squares laundry detergent packs made by Proctor and Gamble. Kids would post videos of them eating the Tide Pods no matter how bad it is to one’s health. Youtube and Instagram started to take the videos down the promoted this. In fact, Proctor and Gamble issued a video saying to not eat the Tide Pods because it is very dangerous, eating them can lead to burns to the skin and eyes and even in the respiratory tract.

Fortnite is a game where people want to eliminate all their enemies, where players brawl until there is one survivor. Fortnite is free but monthly sales are 126 million dollars. They do this by letting the players buy “skins” which are avatar costumes and dances. After a kill, players can dance on the body adding humor and split second grace to the victory. The dances are called emotes, and players chose from dozen of quirky second long dances. Most of the emotes are drawn from real-life dances for example, the brush the shoulders dust-off to full-body expressions like the worm.

Kiki do you love me? This challenge all started when Drake released his song “In my Feelings” in June. This challenge consists of jumping out of a moving car and dancing to the song alongside of the car. American Comedian Shiggy posted a video in June doing the dance which created  a global movement. Shiggy’s original moves were changed to way more dangerous ones. The #inmyfeelingschallenge had been used over 400,000 times on Instagram, the platform became huge! Grandmas, brides, pets, babies – everyone was doing this challenge. Some unlucky people that were attempting this challenge ended up badly injured, fined, and even run over. Police started issuing fines to those doing this challenge and endangering others.

Yanny vs Laurel was a huge controversy that was plastered all over the internet asking what one person heard when the audio was played. This was just as a big as the black and blue dress or was it yellow and gold? Some people said they could hear the different names depending on the volume it was being played at, others only heard the on name. Youtubers began posting about it making some conspiracy theories of how it works or “you’re crazy” if people heard or one over the other. This was definitely a big part of 2018.

In 2019, lets not eat tide pods and maybe eat something good? and no getting out of  moving cars. This year, let’s focus on healthy trends and how to be successful and how to improve a  better self image.


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