15 ways to have a fun Christmas in a pandemic

Amanda Kelley, Photographer

  1. This year more families are staying at their own homes for Christmas. This makes the perfect opportunity to try a new Christmas morning breakfast and even something that takes a little longer to make.
  2. Christmas morning isn’t complete without Christmas pajamas, and it’s even more fun with matching pajamas for the whole family.
  3. There may not be as many Christmas light events to go to, but it is always fun to walk or drive around with friends or family and look at Christmas lights. Douglas County has the always amazing Festival of Lights still happening with contactless tickets.
  4. Sledding is always a fun and exciting way to get outside with family. Whether it’s just going to the mountains or going to Diamond Lake’s sledding hill, it’s always a good time.
  5. Listening to holiday music always boosts people’s mood. This year is the perfect time to make a one of a kind holiday playlist.
  6. Movie theaters may not be open, but Netflix and Disney Plus have come out with tons of new movies for the holiday season. They also have an amazing range of Christmas movies for adults or the whole family.
  7. There may not be as many people at Christmas dinner this year, but that makes it the perfect time to try out new recipes. Make a smaller main course and more fun sides to spice up dinner and potentially make new traditions. 
  8. It’s amazing what people can buy online today. Amazon has tons of fun gift boxes that are perfect to send to family or friends. Homemade gift boxes are also a great idea and can be easily made from things at Walmart or even Dollar Tree.
  9. Reading books may not be everyone’s cup of tea but Christmas stories are always fun. Change up younger family members’ bedtime stories by adding in books such as The Polar Express.
  10. This is a year nobody will ever forget, which makes it the perfect time to make a special ornament in remembrance of it. 
  11. Baking yummy treats may just be the most important part of Christmas. This season is a great time to try new treats or bake childhood favorites such as sugar cookies or gingerbread. 
  12. With so many families staying home, it’s fun to make the house extra festive. This year is a great time to go all out with lights, garland, tinsel, wreaths and of course all the little holiday knick-knacks; it just makes homes feel that much more special on Christmas morning.
  13. Luckily people have figured out a way for children to still see Santa. There are tons of virtual Santa calls this year to keep the magic alive.
  14. For families who haven’t figured out their holiday tradition yet, this is a great time to start. Some classics are hanging a pickle ornament on the tree for kids to find or the infamous Elf on the Shelf. But be sure to not touch the elf, or it will lose its magic.
  15. Douglas County is blessed with some of the most beautiful pine trees, perfect for Christmas trees. Going to tree lots can be very expensive especially for families looking for large trees. But a tree permit is only $5 and is good for any size of tree.