“Troom Troom” and “5-Minute Crafts” atrocious life hacks


Troom Troom Channel

This is one of the many examples of Troom Troom’s quirky thumbnails.

“Troom Troom” is a channel of supposedly do-it-yourself hacks. The owner or industry behind the channel is unknown, but “Troom Troom” has an impressive following of 22 million. The bizarre and colorful thumbnails, keywords such as DIY, and laughably ridiculous content are how they have gained such popularity. It went from mundane crafts to weird skits in a span of a few years.

Most of “Troom Troom’s” DIYs and life hacks are harmless, although the “life hacks” are something followers should or could not make themselves. Life hacks are usually simple and clever tips and tricks to accomplish a task more efficiently. In “Troom Troom’s” case, it is quite the opposite. The premise of their D.I.Y sunglasses hack is making sunglasses with plastic butter knives. Viewers would melt the two knives and bend them. After that, they would take the lighter and melt the blades together. Someone could buy a pair of sunglasses from the Dollar Tree but, of course, “Troom Troom” knows best.
Despite the channel’s enormous following, “Troom Troom” has gained publicity from YouTubers such as Danny Gonzalez, Sssniperwolf, and LaurenzSide recreating the hacks. Trying “Troom Troom’s” absurd life hacks is a certain way to gain huge amounts of views. YouTuber Danny Gonzalez does a video on “Troom Troom’s” life hacks. Aside from the jokes and commentary on the cringe-inducing channel, none of their hacks really worked. He tried the channel’s “spy hacks”, specifically the one where people could spy on someone through their own umbrella.

Overall, the channel is a phenomenon. The origins of the channel and actors try their best to stay anonymous. The actors go by titles like “red-haired” in the videos. In terms of originality, there are many other channels like “Troom Troom.” Channels that do these kinds of videos include “5-Minute Crafts.” The high-pitched narrator and over-saturated colors are certainly something to be adored.