The Future of Technology

Vanessa Parsons, Staff Writer

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Many argue that technology has taken over our everyday lives and technically they are right. New devices are being put to plan and distributed to the public every year and in every year our knowledge of technology broadens. Recently a Wisconsin technology company has offered their employees a new device that allows the workers to purchase food, open security doors, sign into company computers, and put the iconic ID to rest with just a swipe of your hand.This is a whole new step to the future and can help the world in many ways. Whenever you’re at an ATM do you ever wonder what the possibility is for getting robbed? The chances are high but with the help of a security chip you can stop that, it is much harder to steal a microchip out of your limb than it is to sneak a wallet out of your back pocket. At the moment, these new technology chips are used for simple tasks like paying for food or used to open security doors at workplaces. The creators intend on broadening the use of these chips with everyday use. In the future they should be enhanced to be able to install GPS in small infants (with parent consent) in order for parents or caregivers to be able to track their young. This becomes important in cases such as kidnapping or lost loved ones. You can track someone if they’ve given consent in the past for dangerous or life threatening situations.Having an implanted chip has it’s benefits but it also has its doubts. We can’t argue that technology is getting more advanced everyday because new technology is being created everyday. Think about the advancements being added to these new chips in arms every year. We are one step closer to having our everyday lives being controlled by computers and other people behind them. The RFID chips are very convenient for everyday lives especially if you want to live your life easier. Although is the cost of the chip necessary to do all the things you could normally do without it? At this very time the RFID chips offer basic use such as paying for food, opening secured doors and online sites. The three square market that offers the chip intends on the RFID chip being more common in the future, they believe it will be able to contain health information, passport information, and whereabouts of people with permission to install a GPS. Over fifty employees have agreed to the implant. Some people just got the implant for experience to understand how it works and how RFID chips can later on help the future. The implant are not permanent so any person who chooses to try the implant and later find they do not like what it offers, it can be removed leaving your body microchip free. New technology is created to test our limits and allows our future to become a reality

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The Future of Technology