How Food Unites Us All

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What exactly is unity? Unity is the idea of being joined as a whole or as one, to which many students that attend Roseburg High School can affirm that it is. RHS is a diverse place full of many different people with each of their own unique qualities and talents. Recently, RHS has added five new meals to the school lunch menu, spanning from Chinese to Italian fusion to burritos.  

Many students claim that lunch is one of their favorite parts of school because they are able to freely converse with other classmates and eat good food. Ashlyn Wolford, a freshman at RHS, said, “I enjoy hanging out with friends and Mr. Charles in his classroom.” Lunchtime is an opportunity to relax, converse with others, and have extra time work on other classwork if need be. Attreyu Pinard, another freshman attending RHS, claimed, “the lunch lines are better to get through since they’ve been changed.”

As a high school, all are involved in something so much bigger than each and everyone alone, as individuals all are special in his or her own way but when united, so much more can be achieved. The RHS Leadership for example, is a group of people that demonstrates unity in the best of ways. They put on special events and organize games that indeed unite all students. During homecoming week the Leadership group put on performances and invited many different people onstage to participate in sing-alongs and cake walks. Lunch time in every school, everywhere, is another way of showing that unity isn’t a certain group of people, race, or specific belief group. Anyone can be united but it is different to show unity through actions as well. When students come together at lunch, everyone may associate with different groups of friends and people yet all are still united somehow.

All high schools are different in their own ways almost like the lunch they serve. Each individual person is different and unique in their own way, but when students come together we are like a large buffet beautifully put together and made into something so much grander and complex than each student alone.

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How Food Unites Us All