Leaving the ‘comfort zone’

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Humans are creatures of habit and tend to not want to leave their everyday routines. Being comfortable minimizes stress because it is predictable. Stepping out of the comfort zone helps boost self-esteem. This is true because the stress levels are high along with the doubt, but when the challenge is achieved the accomplishment feels greater. Getting past the initial leap out of the comfort zone will make everything that occurs after feel minute, but also give a feeling of accomplishment.

First thing’s first: find the Zone of Courage, the zone of courage is the space that comes right after the comfort zone. Knowing the boundaries of the zones can make it more comfortable to cross them. The down fall in this zone is that there is much less predictability, but the positive side is there are going to be huge personal growth opportunities ahead. Try to branch away from the comfort zone.

Next comes the Terror Zone, this zone is not the place to be. Its overwhelming, in an almost paralyzing scene. Don’t put too much weight on your shoulders because fear could win at that point. The sweet spot to be is the place after the Zone of Courage, and before the Terror Zone. Once you get here, it will feel like a balance of comfort and challenge. It will be a steady pace of growth, but not too much fear that it is unfunctional.

Another important part is to allow space for vulnerability. This will help to not only improve growth, but to get used to spontaneous decisions and situations.  It is healthy to not have your entire life planned out to the “T” because it will keep a person on the edge of their seat. This will improve the skill of reaction and the ability to cope with the unexpected.

There are many things that can be done to help leave the comfort zone. Start with something like eating different foods. It may end up being better than expected. Smile more, it is easier to be approachable with a smile on your face. Along with that, try a different route to school or work. Exploring will help stimulate the brain because it will not be the same old thing. Another thing to try could be letting go of the media for a day. Do not read the paper or get on news media for a day and see how it affects day-to-day life. It may have a positive impact on the day and keep it upbeat. Lastly, try watching a different movie genre, liking it is not required. Just trying new things whether you enjoy them or not will help greatly.   

Having an open mind is one of the most important ways to leave the comfort zone. Trying new things and giving things more than one chance is a key factor as well. Try some of these tips to improve all around skills, to make new friends, and to build relationships that will last a lifetime. Leaving the comfort zone will lead to a new and improved lifestyle that won’t be regretted.

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