Tag! You’re it!

Members of the Tag Club never want the game to end


Kaia Deaton

Members of the Tag Club prepare to choose teams for the day’s game.

Twenty students gather to play tag at the tennis courts at lunch to continue their six-year streak and to just have fun. Many adults may believe playing outside games is immature, but others have a different perspective, understanding that teenagers are still kids in so many ways. On that note, when these students play tag, sometimes it gets intense.

“We would jump off rails, stairs, and sometimes get into trouble,” Paul Johnson, one of the club’s founding members, mentioned.

Johnson, Katherine Blue, and a few other students have been playing tag in a group since before sixth grade. Other than just playing regular tag, the club plays some mini tag games like freeze tag or zombie tag. The club does have one rule that has stayed the same since the beginning: no tag backs.

The Tag Club originated from a friend group, but for those looking to join the club, they have to be able to have fun and not get their feelings hurt over getting tagged. The club has girls and guys, some who are athletes, and even students with medical conditions. It’s fun for all involved.

Again, there are some who think games like tag are childish, but at least three RHS teachers think otherwise. These are the Tag Club’s three advisors. Mr Charles, the staff advisor for Mondays and Fridays, says he knew the students and liked the idea they had been playing for six years and wanted to keep the streak going. Along with Mr. Charles, Mrs. Martin is the staff advisor on Wednesdays and Mr. Bogardus is staff advisor on Tuesdays and Thursdays. As Paul Johnson said, the games can get intense, so the staff advisors monitor the games and make sure everyone is playing safely.

Mr Charles mentioned that he likes the club because “the students are mature about playing tag and not like little kids slapping each other,” adding, “I’m ready to get into shape to participate for next semester tag.”