Mysterious pregnancy

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Mysterious pregnancy

Madison Townsend, Staff Writer

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An unnamed woman who has been intellectually disabled and unable to talk since the age of three, recently gave birth to a baby boy after being raped. She was being cared for at Hacienda HealthCare facility since 1992, and she is a member of the San Carlos Apache tribe. She is not being named because she is a victim of sexual assault. She gave birth December 29, 2018 and her and the baby were in medical distress.

Police and investigators are now obtained DNA from workers at the Arizona facility in hopes of finding a suspect. They have asked all men who work there to give a buccal swab, and anyone who did not voluntarily give a swab was served a court order for their DNA. The facility was also served a search warrant for all records probable to the case. Her room has also been completely restricted, besides the care she needs. All of the male staff that enter her room are to be accompanied by a female staff member. After weeks of an ongoing investigation, a 36 year old nurse by the name of Nathan Sutherland was arrested in connection with the crime. He was charged with sexual assault and vulnerable adult abuse. At his court date, he was released on a $500,000 cash only bond.  

The Apache Tribe chairman, Terry Rambler, mentioned that the woman has been in a coma for over a decade after a near drowning experience. He called for justice and stated that he does not trust her caretakers. Staff at Hacienda HealthCare are stating they had no idea she was pregnant or how this could have happened, despite taking care of her and bathing her daily.

The baby was born not breathing and began turning blue while staff members were on the phone with 911. The baby later started breathing and crying and is now doing okay. The family has said that the baby boy was born into a loving home with her parents and that is the only statement they have released due to the traumatic experience. As for the woman, she was moaning and no one knew what was wrong with her until she was pretty much in labor.  

Another woman with a 22 year old daughter who is in the care of the same nursing home, stated that she panicked when she heard about what had happened. Since the incident, she has been staying at the hospital with her daughter 24/7 to make sure her daughter is safe. She also claims that the facility did not inform her or any other mothers with daughters there about the incident until about five days after, so she believes there is something deeper going on. There are multiple parents demanding answers and concerns over the safety of their loved ones in the facility.

A staff member was fired from the facility in 2013 because he was making inappropriate sexual comments about patients under his care. After finding this out, the staff at Hacienda declined any interviews with the press, but claimed they are fully cooperating with law enforcement and are running their protocols.

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