Coronavirus Outbreak in China


Katie Roady, Staff Writer

There’s nothing like kicking off the new year with the coronavirus that has recently erupted in China. It has since spread to countries such as America, the UK, Japan, and many more. Air traffic from China has been banned in most of these countries, and those who have recently returned to their country have been quarantined. U.S. citizens are being quarantined for fourteen days since their arrival from China. There are also cell-phone recordings from China that have been uploaded revealing taxi drivers wearing hazmat suits and many others traveling with extra protection from the virus. Although the mortality rate of the coronavirus isn’t terribly high at 2%, there have already been over two-hundred deaths in just China alone.  Chinese doctors are also overworked and are put in constant danger with the constant exposure to the overwhelming number of people infected. Two new hospitals have recently been built, started and completed in under ten days, that can hold one-thousand to two-thousand new patients. A video of the construction process is shocking, showing over twenty excavators working on one small area of space. A solid cure has yet to be found, but Chinese scientists assure that they will find it and that the mortality rate will continue to fall. Australian scientists also created a copy of the virus in order to find a cure and have sent their results to China in an effort to help.