Tornado in Tennessee

Cat Moe

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, tornadoes ripped through Tennessee causing devestation throughout the region. At least four counties were struck by a tornado, raging at winds up to 175 mph. At least 25 people were killed in total and weather surveyors are still assessing the damage. At this time, they have reported the times of the tornadoes along with their dates.

At 10:15 p.m on Monday, a tornado was spotted four miles east of northeast Malden, Missouri, about 80 miles west of the Mississippi River. It only lasted about three minutes.

Now 11:02 p.m Monday, a tornado warning for Camden, Tennessee was issued. This was due to a supercell storm that is often known to cause twisters. Just five minutes later, a tornado touched down in Camden, Benton County which is about 80 miles west of Nashville. It traveled east, causing significant damging the entirety of it’s journey to both trees and homes. It even threw one man, Carl Frazee, from his home into his front yard.

Around 11:45 p.m Monday, it started to hail. The tornado began to travel towards Nashville. According to a study done by the Univeristy of Nashville, nightime tornadoes are much more dangerous and have a higher fatality rate. This tornado came at a very devious time as many people were sleeping soundly in their homes.

It’s now Tuesday, 12:35 a.m, the National Weather Service issued a tornado warning for Davidson, Sumner and Wilson counties. Just a short three minutes later, another twister touches down over the John C. Tune Airport causing damage from the debri to the terminal and surrounding areas. More than 90 aircraft end up destroyed. Another agonizingly short three minutes later, NWS warns of a “large and extremely dangerous” tornado near Nashville. It is reported as an EF-2 tornado with 125 mph winds.

12:45 a.m Tuesday, the tornadoes seem to never end. An EF-3 tornado hit East Nashville with winds of 136-140 mph. Many public service buildings are destoryed. 12:54 a.m Tuesday, the same day only ten minutes later, an EF-1 tornado was confirmed north of the interstate.

A death toll of 18 was reported in Putnam county alone, including children. 88 people were injured, and a vast stretch of area was brutally devastated. This was the highest death toll in the state from the storm.