Staying safe: child abduction in Roseburg


Office of Justice Programs

Oaklee Standley, Reporter

Child abduction is a serious issue, especially now that school has started up again. According to, the risk of being kidnapped just increases when in social situations, public areas, sports, etc. With there being 1,233 people registered in the Oregon State Police’s missing person database, it is clear that this is still a real issue. Most of the missing people in that database are from 7-17 or 40-70 years old. One of the more recent and local cases is that of Brian Dockery; there was an AMBER alert for him at the beginning of July this year.

Brian R. Dockery went missing on July 7, 2021, in Roseburg, Oregon. He is a seventeen-year-old boy, still missing, probably somewhere in Portland or Roseburg. He’s 6’0, white, has dirty blonde hair, brown eyes, and weighs around 170 pounds. There isn’t much information on his case. After scouring a few Oregon missing people pages, none have given any information.

AMBER Alert, aka America’s Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response Alert’s goal, is to immediately involve the public, especially those in cars or other vehicles, to help look for the missing child or vehicle in question. Their definition of missing is someone whose whereabouts are unknown whatever the circumstances. In order for someone to be considered missing, they have to be reported to a law enforcement agency and then entered into the LEDS/NCIC (Law Enforcement Data Systems and National Crime Information Center) as a missing person. In order to report a missing person or persons, call 911, describe the missing person, abductor, and vehicle, with words or a picture. They update their missing person’s list every business day.

Here are some general safety tips that could come in handy while out in the world. It’s always safer to go places with another person or people because there is safety in numbers. While home alone, keep doors and windows locked, and don’t tell anyone you don’t know or trust that you are alone. Don’t go into malls, parks, theaters, arcades, or public restrooms by yourself, either. If lost, try not to panic. If you were with a group, they will probably be looking for you, so staying in one place will make being located easier. Stay away from pools, canals, bodies of water, busy streets, deserted areas, or take shortcuts unless with a trusted adult. Don’t wear clothes or carry objects with your name on them and try not to be confused when someone you don’t know calls you by name. Wear reflective clothing and accessories when riding a bike in the dark. Don’t be afraid to say no and get away from a situation that feels uncomfortable.