U.S. Conflict with Iran


Katie Roady, Writer

Intense conflict between nations erupted after the U.S. President Donald Trump killed a beloved Iranian general in Iraq. Although the Defense Department claims he “was actively developing plans to attack American diplomats and service members in Iraq and throughout the region,” the true intent of the President is questionable. With the upcoming elections, it is highly likely that this was an attempt to gain some traction with Nationalists in order to create a common enemy with Iran. Iran responded with a firing of missiles onto a U.S. military base in Iraq. Although casualties have yet to be confirmed, the heights to which this conflict is escalating is concerning. President Trump’s response on Twitter to this attack was to brush it off, saying, “All is well! Missiles launched from Iran at two military bases located in Iraq. Assessment of casualties & damages taking place now. So far, so good!” Iran then warned that any further retaliation by the U.S. will result with an attack on the Emirati city of Dubai. This is likely due to the high number of foreigners living in Dubai, making up over 70% of the city’s population of three million.

There is a rumor circling the media that this conflict will result in the third world war, but this is unfounded. This potential war is mainly between the U.S., Iran, and possibly Iraq, but other countries have yet to become involved. One can only hope this conflict does not escalate any further.