Door no more


Camryn Acord, Staff Editor

The doors on the bathrooms at RHS have been removed, and many people don’t agree with this decision: with no doors, there is not any privacy. In a survey done on 23 tenth graders, the results showed that only 56.6% know why the doors were removed. Rumors about the reason have been spreading since before winter break. There have been reports of vaping, inappropriate activities happening in the bathrooms, and even some very gross things going on. 50% of the people surveyed do not agree with the doors being removed. 

According to Mr. Bogardus, one of the vice principals at the high school, the doors were removed so that all the doors can be consistent with the rest of the school. For example, the Heritage building has never had doors on the bathrooms. Also, Mr. Bogardus said that he has seen many different bathrooms in different cities that do not have bathroom doors, such as the Portland Oregon Airport. Another reason the doors are gone is because of the inappropriate behaviors that happen in the bathroom. The Commons will be keeping the doors because the only way to get into those bathrooms is with the keys that students can get from their teachers. 

“It makes it hard to go to the bathroom because it makes us uncomfortable”