Amanda Kelley

Amanda Kelley, Photographer

Amanda Kelley is a senior at RHS. This is going to be her first year writing for the Orange R. Amanda will be this year’s photographer. Writing has always come easily for her, so she thought it would be fun to expand her horizons and write for the newspaper. She was born and raised right here  in Roseburg, Oregon. Amanda is an animal lover and currently has three dogs and she is also very passionate about cheerleading. Amanda has cheered for four years in total and is going into her third year of being the varsity cheer captain. After this year, Amanda plans on going to Boise State University to get her Bachelor’s of Science and Nursing. After that, she wants to move back to Oregon and begin a career in nursing and coaching cheer at the high school level. She hopes to bring a new insight into the world of sports and can’t wait for all of the new material this upcoming year.

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