The Truth About Alison Morris

The Truth About Alison Morris

Keira McManus, Staff Editor

 On Sunday morning, devastating news filled social media outlets and news channels. Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gigi, John Altobelli, his wife, Keri, and daughter Alyssa were aboard the helicopter that day. The group was flying to Thousand Oaks, California for a basketball game, where Gianna was expected to play and Bryant was expected to coach.

As news outlets started to announce Kobe’s, Gianna’s, and the rest of the groups deaths, Alison Morris, had a little mix up with the word Lakers and Knicks. Shortly after the afternoon newscast, competing points of views on what Morris said while stuttering during the newscast hit social media. She claimed to her 11,500 followers on twitter that her unfortunate slip was the term “Nakers,” a combination of the teams Knicks and Lakers. She then apologized and she adamantly denied using the n-word, claiming she would “NEVER use a racist term.”

A few people believe that Morris did have a mix up with the word and said “Naker,” and are trying to defend her in that matter.  Many other people believe she did not mix up the words and just said a racial slur. Many people are tweeting to MSNBC and asking when Alison Morris is going to be fired. The clip of Morris immediately blew up online and a petition was started for her to be fired. 

Alizah Parks started a petition on to have Morris fired. This petiton was started on Janurary 26 and has over 160 thousand signatures. MSNBC has not yet put out a stament that Morris is fired or is going to be.  

Morris was reporting the sudden and tragic death of an NBA icon. As this was a live report on a breaking news event, it seems reasonable that might have been a little flustered and mixed their words. Listening to the clip alone, one could argue Morris used a racial slur. However, if we consider this clip in a larger context, it is doubtful that it was unintentional. 

Although Morris claims what she said on live televesion was just a mix up, it is so important to know what youre saying and doing on live tv