Music industry


Camryn Acord, Staff Editor

The music world is changing, there is no doubt about it. With so many new streaming services, it can sometimes be hard to understand how the music industry has changed. Streaming has become the main source of music listening, even streaming podcasts has become more popular. But with all the streaming, not many people are buying CDs, so artists and labels get paid in new ways based off of how many people listen to their music, what type of member the listener is, and a couple other things as well. If an artist gets more listeners that have a premium membership they will get more money than someone who only gets a few streams from people. With new ways of paying for labels and artists, artists are growing in different ways. Just by bringing more awareness to their music can bring a little bit more money into their pocket. The music industry is growing with the times, so everything is new to everyone, and no one knows what could happen next.