21 Useful Things Every College Student Could Use

Amy Latham

With our seniors graduating at RHS comes preparing for college and even some gifts for them to take to college. Whether you are a senior needing to buy things for college, or you are a proud relative or friend, here are 20 useful things that can be used by college students in their dorms and around campus.



  • Microwave pasta cooker: College can keep any student busy, and often meals are expensive, students are too tired to cook, or they just don’t want instant noodles again. With this, you can have three servings of al dente pasta in under 15 minutes.
  • Pen cap eating utensils: While it may seem ridiculous at first, these may be helpful when you want food in class but don’t want to carry extra things with you. These pen caps are molded to be utensils, so you can add them to the end of a pen and use them to eat.
  • A breakfast sandwich maker: Similar to the microwave pasta cooker, this can be useful for any student who finds food too expensive to buy on campus, and isn’t a fan of cereal every day. 
  • A lap desk: If you are a fan of doing homework or watching movies on your computer on your bed, a lap desk would be pretty ideal. 
  • A cup warmer: Rather than making several trips to a microwave, use this to warm up your cup while you are sitting at your desk.
  • Wireless printer: While a little more on the pricey side for a college student, this can ensure you that you will not be waiting in line at the library for 10 minutes.
  • Laundry bag/hamper: Rather than dumping and leaving clothes on the floor for days at a time, a laundry hamper or bag may come in handy
  • LED reading light clip: Need to do some late night reading but don’t want to keep your roommate up? Clip this to your book so you have enough light to finish some reading without waking up your roommate.
  • Voice Recorder: Face it, some students will be too tired to listen in on class lectures, and tape recorders can help ensure that they will not miss anything. It can also help as a reference if a student doesn’t remember something from a lecture a while back.
  • A USB powered cooling pad: Something like this can come in handy when working on a computer without having it reach scorching heat. This heating pad comes with three quiet fans that won’t make any excess noise while in use.
  • Blue light blocking glasses: Being a college student requires to use computers a lot of the time, which often results in eye strain. Use these to help reduce eye strain so you can focus on your work for longer periods of time.
  • “Why Didn’t They Teach Me This in School?”: This helpful book is composed of eight lessons that helps college students learn about finances and paying bills. If you didn’t learn in high school, this might be a good thing to have.
  • Eraser Board: This can be useful as a communication tool with your roommate or even just as a place for you to write reminders for things you know you will forget.
  • Wireless bed shaking alarm clock: If you are a night owl and always count on your parents to wake you up, this is the perfect thing for you. Unlike normal alarms that wake you up with noise, this alarm clock will essentially shake you awake.
  • Pizza Reheating Tray: Use this to reheat your leftover pizza without getting it soggy.
  • Mini robot vacuum: College work can become a hassle, and sometimes you will be too lazy or tired to clean. A mini robot vacuum may be just the thing to take a chore off your mind.
  • Pocket Projector: It may be hard to afford a TV in college, much less cable, so here is an amazing alternative. With a pocket projector, you can connect it to your phone and watch streamed movies on the wall of your dorm.
  • Charging Brick: Extension cables can become a hassle with tangled cords, and a charging brick fits perfectly on your desk. Plug in your computer, your phone, or any other electronic you have.
  • A small fan: Some colleges will not have a good air conditioning system, and many may not provide a fan for your room. It may be a good idea to have a fan with you rather than keeping a window open all day.
  • Noise-canceling headphones: Recommended by several college students, noise-canceling headphones are useful when studying in busy places or need to block background noise in your dorm room.