LAX bros cut to the goal

Carter Stedman

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Spring sports are just around the corner, and Boys Lacrosse is starting to get into the swing of things. Led by coaches Kyle Dever and Matt Watson, there seems to be a larger turnout in athletes than in years past. 

Since Lacrosse is a club sport at RHS, many athletes have had to spend money out of their own pocket to help out with team gear. However, this has not stopped a growing interest in the program from a variety of athletes on campus. Players can be found after school throwing the ball around on the field or playing catch up against a wall. 

With an energetic and young group, the squad looks to gain some momentum and interest from the community. Senior midfielder Isaac Veale recently signed to continue his career at Northwest Nazarene University (DII), so the foundation is starting to be laid down for a successful program. 

Moving forward, the Boys Lacrosse team hopes to draw in more local recognition from the community and potentially get home games broadcasted on TV. Major sports such as football and wrestling are some of the biggest attractions for athletes on campus, and Lacrosse is an opportunity for spring athletes to try something new. 

As the program continues to grow and create a name for itself, the more heads will turn and be interested to see what’s brewing on Finlay Field in the spring.