The world’s most endangered animals


The world around us is so beautiful, especially the animals that surround us. Although most people love the many beautiful animals of Earth, we often take them for granted and rarely protect them enough to keep their species alive and thriving. There are more animals that are endangered we may think, and if we do not do something about it quickly, we may lose them forever.

Gorillas are the tenth most endangered species in the entire world. They are strikingly similar to humans, and they can even laugh! Although most humans love gorillas and recognize them as an amazing species, most do not know how much danger they are in. There are only 150-180 adult gorillas left in the wild, which means that there is a very possible chance that they will be extinct sooner than we think. 

The second most endangered animal in the world is the Amur Leopard. There are approximately 70 of these beautiful big cats left and their biggest threat currently is humans. Poachers find their beautiful coats quite attractive, and they tend to hunt them for their coats more than a lot of any other animals. In Asia, their bones are often sold for use in Asian medicine practices, with no proof they even work at all. If we do not focus on saving these beautiful animals as soon as possible, there is a high probability that they will no longer be in existence for us to enjoy in the future.