Review: “Sky, Children of Light”


Flying along the sand dunes, and sitting by the shore, fields of green grass galore.

These are the things I think of when talking about “Sky: Children of the Light,” a relaxing and friendly little game that I play on my phone. It’s also available on mobile devices, the Nintendo Switch, and will soon be available on Playstation.

Now there may not be a whole lot of action, but the game does have its conflicts, like rain that makes the player cold, big monsters in the sky to hide from, and crabs that knock characters over. However, even with these problems to face they are very easy to deal with and avoid. 

So if there’s not a lot of action, what is there to do? Well that’s where the heart of the game lies, the main goal of the game is not to fight, but to simply make friends, interact with others, and relax and explore interesting places, ranging from flower fields, deserts, and to a secret hideout in the forest. Within this fantasy world, you can do things like fly, shrink into the size of an apple, swim under the sea, play an instrument, and even ice skate. My friend B agrees saying “I find Sky really enjoyable. All of the different levels bring a sense of creativity and involvement that the player is forced into. I’ve completed the whole story line, but everyday there is always new quests to explore and do.”

There are six major realms that each have their own theme, and areas to explore and unlock. Spirits are hidden in every nook and cranny, things high up in the sky to down low in the sea. How do I explore all these places, though? Well starting off, players are given the ability to fly, soaring through the sky, loving all the sights, and sounds!

With every game, there are good things and bad things; for instance, there are options to purchase things with real money like cosmetics, and other items. A player named Fuji comments, “Despite the prices for all the cosmetics, it is a genuinely relaxing and chill game.”

Sometimes players might get lost without an idea of what to do, and collecting the in-game currency takes a long time, this is mentioned by William who said that, “Sky is a fun game, but gets really repetitive at times.” 

Over time, the game gets a little boring, especially when playing alone, but overall, the game is wonderful and promotes being social and taking the time to relax, and I think we all need a little time to relax once in a while.