Staying safe during the holidays


Alyssa Antonio, Online Copy Editor

December is filled to the brim with holidays and celebration that would usually bring together entire families. However, it’s important to remember that Covid-19 is not slowing down. With over 14 million cases in the USA alone thus far, there is no time like the present to get the numbers in this country declining.

Though not seeing anybody for weeks and not going out at all is ideal to fix this pandemic, it’s a bit unrealistic especially during the holiday season. People wanting to see their family is completely valid, but taking precautions is very important. If you are inside with a group, make sure to wear your mask as much as possible. Obviously, people can’t wear a mask if they are eating something, but there are few medical conditions that restrict people from wearing masks. Some complain that it is difficult to breathe, but getting a mask with different material can easily fix that. It’s all about safety.

Next, hold back on the hugs. Everybody knows that grandparents love their tight hugs, but staying distanced as much as possible will help stop the spread. Even if one doesn’t have any symptoms of the coronavirus, they can still be a carrier. Knowing that you gave a loved one a sickness will make you feel a lot more guilty than not giving them a hug goodbye. 

This last tip is probably the most self-explanatory, but just mail gifts and meet over Zoom rather than visiting people from out of state. There are multiple precautions that someone can take to be able to go to another state, but none are 100% safe. Getting a Covid-19 test and staying six feet away is the bare minimum.

Over the next month, enjoy yourself and take a break. Just don’t let safety slip from your mind.