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Elle Hadwen

Easter treats are fun, but they don’t need to be a hassle

Peep Brownies

Easter, for many families, is a time to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, or simply an excuse to see each other. My family is not religious, but we see the importance of the holiday, we use it as a way to eat good food. My Gma spends all day in the kitchen, just standing over the oven, making sure the ham has the perfect golden color. By the time everything is done, the house is hot and the windows are open, bringing a cold breeze. A breeze in Which my Gpa complains about being too cold, proceeded by him closing the doors and windows. Then we all eat in comfortable silence or chat about something funny that happened to us that week. This year we didn’t eat a ton because it was so hot in the house, it was making us sick. I knew that my Gma worked hard on the food, so I ate as much as I could. I, too, contributed to the meal by making these peep brownies. I got the idea from Pinterest. Instead of making the brownies from scratch, I used a box brownie mix. Then by dipping the brownies and peeps into melted chocolate, and adding sprinkles. Food, sprinkles and BOOM! You have a dessert that people are going to love. Unless they don’t like chocolate or peeps, then they probably won’t ask for the recipe.

1 box of premade brownie mix (follow directions on box)
1 package of peeps
½ – 1 cup chocolate chips

Follow box directions
Let the brownie cool completely and melt chocolate chips in a heatsafe container. Melt the chocolate chips in 30 second intervals until its completely melted.
If the brownies are too moist, simply take a spoon and spoon the chocolate onto the brownies. Then dip the front half of the peep into the melted chocolate.
Add sprinkles to your taste.