The RHS theatre department presents “Sense and Sensibility”


Makayla Gagliano

The cast of Sense and Sensibility gather for a photo op. They are wearing costumes provided by the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland. Funds for the costume rental were provided by an RHS Foundation grant.

“Sense and Sensibility” is a playful comedy with an engaging storyline full of heartbreak and new love. The students in the RHS Theater Department took this play by storm and put all their hard work and effort into making it great. And they succeeded.

Throughout the play, the actors stayed professional, even when a prop was not moved correctly or a line was forgotten. Jorge Sandoval, who played Thomas among other parts, stated, “When somebody messed up, the rest of the cast improvised and those mess-ups ended up being the funniest parts of the play.”

The characters Marianne Dashwood, played by Madi McDowell, and Elinor Dashwood played by Cecile Larson, show off a close relationship that seems effortless as they banter back and forth. Fanny Ferrars, played by Sam Johnson, demonstrated her range as this particular character, especially with a big scene that shocked the audience in the second half of the play.

The entire cast did great at keeping the audience engaged. When asked how they enjoyed the play, Jordan Calise said, “I went to the dress rehearsal of the show. The set and costumes were wonderful and I had a great time.”

In the end, the students did an incredible job putting this play together, and their hard work is recognized. We cannot wait to see what they have in store for us next.

A special thanks to Gavin O’Connor, welding, and woodworking for putting together the set that was used throughout the play and the tech crew who kept the show running smoothly with their lighting and sound work.