Getting involved: RHS clubs offer something for everyone!


RHS Web Design Team

Looking for more information about the wide variety of clubs available at RHS? Visit the Clubs page on the RHS website.

The Clubs of RHS are numerous and varied. From the more obvious clubs focusing on art, sports, and other extracurricular activities, to more unique clubs, such as automotive, ASL (American Sign Language), and so much more. There are so many opportunities for anyone that the number of clubs nearly guarantees people can find at least one they can enjoy. However, sadly, some of these clubs are overlooked in favor of the more popular clubs and are sometimes ignored. The large variety of clubs allow anyone to find a place to express their passion freely with people who feel the same way.

For example, there are many clubs for people interested in learning the culture of different countries. There is a German Club, and a German/American Partnership Program (GAPP), which allows people to visit a secondary school in another country, Germany in this case (sadly, due to COVID, this program is currently on hiatus). There are clubs for Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and French culture, but these do not offer the same trip opportunities as the GAPP program.
The sports clubs are also varied. While they may not have the more popular sports like football, which gets its own special treatment, the sports clubs allow more variety for all types of people interested. Bowling may not be the most popular sport, but it gets its own club that even goes out to tournaments all over the state. Other sports include color guard/flag team, equestrian team, lacrosse, a Roseburg runners club and a wrestling club. Some of these clubs even get their own tournaments just like bowling. Even though these sports may not get as much special attention as football or other sports, they still allow students to compete in a sport they love that they may not have been able to participate in without the existence of such a club.

For those who want to learn life lessons or want more experience in a class that they love, the more technical clubs may be a better choice. If the auto classes in school are not enough, there is a dedicated auto club just for those who are interested. If the agriculture classes RHS boasts are not helpful enough, there is also RHS FFA, which is a dedicated organization all about agriculture, I would advise looking into it if interested in an agricultural career. The FFA is a great place to start. There is also VICA (SkillsUSA) which is a national organization serving more than 395,000 high schools and colleges who wish to seek careers in technical and skilled occupations. These more technical clubs and organizations are great for those looking to get more experience in technical jobs or careers.

If you are looking for more artistic or creative clubs, the co-educational clubs are for you. The Art Club is for more artistic individuals, while band and choir are good for people who love music and participating with groups of people. The Drama program is perfect for aspiring actors, and Creative Writing is a great way to become a better writer or storyteller. This is perhaps the most varied group of clubs RHS has, also including math and science teams, Clay Club, Yearbook, and much more. The defining characteristic of these clubs is that most of them are offered as elective classes that include extra-curricular activities as part of the programs.

The last two groups of clubs mainly involve clubs that do not fit one specific category. The student service clubs are mainly about school help and student service, helping the school, the community or individual students. Link crew, interact club, national honor society (NHS), and other helpful clubs. The rest of the clubs are under the “Other” tab. The Brain Bowl and the Battle of the Books are for people who want to take their book smarts and apply them competitively. The Chess Club is great for those who want to compete in a less physically demanding competition. Fashionistas may enjoy the Fashion Enthusiasts Alliance. There are so many clubs for anyone who wants to meet and hang out with people who share their passions and interests.

As the year goes on, the Orange R will be spotlighting many of the clubs mentioned here, so stay tuned. Visit the RHS website for more information: