Students’ perspectives: school and home


Bethany Sanderlin

Tenth grader Chloe Pyles walking to class with eleventh grader Chyanne Johnson on the second floor of the Main building.

A lot of students throughout Douglas County have been hit with the struggle of getting back to normal schooling, especially RHS students. Students’ home lives have also taken a toll on their emotional well-being, as well. Knowing that, we decided to interview some students to get a look into what they go through in an average day, while also seeing what impact home leaves on them.
First is freshman Mahayla Miller. I asked her what challenges she was currently facing, and she said the main problem is assignments. “A lot of teachers do assign a lot of homework and assignments, so keeping up with them and making sure they’re turned in is kind of hard.” Hearing what she said in that moment, I had the thought that other students were going through the same thing that Mahayla was going through. Another thing I asked Mahayla was what is it like being a few weeks into the school year, and she replied, “Once I got adjusted, it was a lot easier. I felt more happy to come to school because I realized that even though this place is really big and there’s a lot of kids, it’s not that hard to get around.”
After that, I interviewed a sophomore by the name of Kamren Pippen. I also asked them what challenges they are facing. They said, “Not having any of the assignments I wanted. I couldn’t switch out of my classes to get into electives that I wanted so it’s just really frustrating when last year I didn’t have any of the electives I wanted either.” After listening to this, it reminded me of hearing students down the hallway getting upset that their counselor wouldn’t change their schedule or get them into a different elective. Going into the subject of home life, I asked Kamren what they do when they are home. “I basically just do whatever I feel like.” They said, “I don’t have a specific thing that I do, but I do a lot of laundry.”
Lastly, I interviewed a junior named Madison Calise-Drennen. I asked her about how she felt coming back to school, and she responded by saying “ I was really excited. I was a little bit nervous just cause it’s been a little while since it’s been a normal school year, but I was really excited.” Now that she is a few weeks in, Madison said it “feels pretty normal.” She states, “It’s been a little difficult to readjust to the original schedule, but it’s been pretty fun.”