Meet Luna, a service dog in training

Service dogs are important to many people, but some people don’t realize how important they are. Well, there is one person around the campus at RHS that trains with service dogs. Brittany Hutton and her service dog Luna come around the campus and train a couple of days a week. Brittany is training Luna around the school, so she knows her way and how to behave when around a lot of people. Once Luna is completely trained, Brittany will keep her as her own service dog for her own needs.

Brittany trains Luna after school so she can learn how it feels to be in that kind of environment. It will take service dogs two or more years to learn everything they need to know to be able to be a service dog. Some people think that service dogs aren’t that big of a deal, but they help many people with all kinds of things. Some conditions they help with are diabetes, epilepsy, PTSD and a lot more; they can be helpful in many ways.

This is Brittany’s first time training and she has been doing it for a couple of months. She says, ”My favorite thing about training is seeing the results and seeing how it affects how she acts.” Brittany also said, “The more you train and work on things the more they will understand what you are asking them to do and what you expect them to do on their own.” Most service dogs think it is a game and are happy that they did what you wanted them to do “said Brittany.

Some people might think dogs shouldn’t be on campus, so I asked a few students around RHS what they thought. Andrew Hale said,” He thinks it is a good idea to have service dogs on campus but he also thinks some people might lie about needing a service dog. Bethel Miramontes said, “I think having service dogs on campus is a great idea because it would help a lot and comfort a lot of people on campus. Service dogs are also really friendly.” The last student I asked about having service dogs on campus was Jaiden Cerda and he said, ”I think it is a great idea to have service dogs on campus because it would be great for people that can’t see or hear well very much and students that need a service dog will be able to have that support that they need.

One of Brittany’s quotes really affected the way that I thought of things. She said that it’s not about getting the job done but being able to see how it progresses throughout time. Brittany, in taking time out of her day in which she might have been doing homework or chores, is taking time to train an amazing dog that will be able to help her throughout life. What I have learned from learning about training is you can’t rush things you have to take it slow and if the dog feels it is ready you are able to go at a faster pace.