Choir’s Recent News

In October, the RHS Choirs held a number of events. The first event was the Fall Concert on October 12, along with the elementary honor choir performance. This was hosted at the UCC Jacoby Auditorium. The planning needed for this event was extensive, and it was a team effort with high school singers helping with the after-school rehearsals for elementary honor, and nine teachers helping to run it. 

According to Mrs. Cherry, the Choir teacher here at Roseburg High School, “We have been working on the auditions, forms, and organization of that event since the end of August.”

The second event was a choir festival held for all the small schools in the county hosted in the RHS Rose Theater on October 13. In Mrs. Cherry’s words, “Vocal Jam is busy, but it took a decent amount of organization and communication leading up to it.”

The last event was Vocal Fusion singing the national anthem for both Homecoming assemblies on October 14, as well as for a volleyball game in the RHS Main Gym on October 18. This did not take much planning at all, with the class simply learning the song during school and then singing it for the events.