No vending machines at RHS

Around our campus, people talk about the fact that Roseburg High School doesn’t have vending machines. Most freshmen are getting used to not having them, but the question still stands, why doesn’t RHS have vending machines?

Research indicates that most high school sand middle schools allow vending machines. and says 98% of high schools have vending machines. gave great insight as to why schools might allow vending machines, even though RHS does not. The reason? There are actually healthy options available for vending machines, and utilyzing vending machines can improve a school’s money intake. 

In an interview with Principal Weber, we talked about the reasons why RHS does not have vending machines anymore. The most relevant reason is the laws about what can and cannot be sold during school hours. But what makes us different from the other 98% of schools? Dr. Weber noted that “We offer three free meals for all kids each day. There’s a free breakfast for all students with three locations around campus. We also have free lunch for all students and an after-school free supper for all students.”

Dr. Weber wanted to bring more awareness to the things we do have at RHS. “We also have a coffee shop on campus and there is a place where kids during lunch can purchase food outside of the school lunch program. And that’s where a lot of the things you’re talking about with vending machines can be purchased, like chips and cookies, and items like that. I think we have the availability of those things for kids.” Some people might not know about all of the goods students can buy at RHS that other schools don’t have. 

Dr. Weber also wanted to point out that, “…what I’m trying to do is provide options that are healthy choices, and that are low cost and are in front of them. I think I’ve been successful with that.” 

When asking her about whether students want to get vending machines back, Dr. Weber wants them to know, “If they want vending machines on campus, I really want kids to understand the limits I have to have. I want to hear from the students. We can email and talk about things, I’m happy to have an open conversation about that.” From this outstanding interview with Dr. Weber, it is clear that she cares about the health and interests of the student body. She is willing to have a conversation about anything students may be concerned with or will simply listen if they want to give their opinions on a new policy.