COVID-19 in Douglas County

How it is challenging schools

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  • Please follow the 3Ws!

    Douglas County Health Network

  • Follow these guidelines to determine whether or not a COVID-19 test is necessary.

    Douglas County Health Network

COVID-19 in Douglas County is getting scarier and scarier. In fact, it is worse than it was when COVID first started. This report will be updated weekly for every student and staff member of Roseburg High School and will include ways that the virus is changing rules around how school operates–as well as rules for community spaces and businesses because it is important that everyone knows what is happening around our community. This will help make sure everyone is staying safe.

For the week of Sept. 27-Sept. 30, COVID changed nothing within school districts. There were 4+ students out of school in quarantine this week. 2.65 B people were vaccinated worldwide. That makes 56.2% of the United State’s population now vaccinated and 34% of the world now vaccinated.

Quick facts about COVID in Douglas County as of Sept. 27- Sept. 30

Number of cases this week: 207

Number of deaths this week: 13

Number of students with COVID: 4

Total COVID numbers in Douglas county: 11,252

Total deaths in Douglas County: 215

Please make sure to wear a mask and stay six feet apart, staying out of crowds and always washing hands. Please stay home if symptoms are present; COVID tests are available at personal doctor’s offices, urgent care facilities, nearby drug stores, and in the RHS Health Center.

If anyone is interested in getting the vaccine or wants to know more about it, speak with a local doctor. Anyone who wishes to get the vaccine can go to their local doctor, any urgent care facility, or most local pharmacies. Follow this link to watch the Douglas Public Health Network Covid-19 Update with Dr. Dannenhoffer:

Anyone who has a COVID story to share with others, or has any specific questions, please email [email protected]