Gym Lobby Construction Project

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  • The work was complex and difficult. The safety of the students and the construction crew were always the top consideration

  • From this angle, it is clear how extensive this project was.

  • A large portion of the quad was blocked off while construction took place on the gym lobby canopy.

So much maintenance goes on every day here at RHS that most people don’t even notice. Recently there was some construction in the gym lobby that blocked the front entrance to the building. Seeing that this could cause some minor inconvenience for people, or inspire curiosity for others, I decided to find out what was going on with the construction on the canopy in front of the gym lobby. I contacted Mr. Bolin over email to get the gist of what this construction was about. Thankfully, Mr. Bolin was kind enough to give me a general idea of what was going on.

Q: “When did the construction work start?”
A: “Construction started in late August”

Q: “What is the purpose of the construction ?”
A: “Purpose of the new canopy was to replace the old canopy that was breaking away from the building.”

Q: “Have you had any problems with the work regarding the structure?”
A: “No problems occurred during the construction”

Q: “When do you expect to be finished with the work?”
A: “Work has been completed.”

Though this might not be important to many, I think examples like these go to show how much our teachers and staff put into making our high school experience the best that it can be. Though the canopy might be a small project, there are tons of other projects that our staff have to work on. I would like to give a thank you to Mr. Bolin for answering my questions, and to all the staff who work so hard every day to keep us educated and safe.