Things to do in summer

Things to do in summer

Things to do in summer: senior eyuhdition
What are our outgoing seniors looking forward to this summer? Here’s a sampling of the fun activities they have planned after graduation!

Hawke Sulffridge likes to go outside, read and go camping. He doesn’t have any specific places to go outside, but he likes to camp at the beach. His favorite book is Liberalism is a Mental Disorder by Michael Savage.

Cody Lyons likes to go swimming, shooting, and hiking along rivers.

Raiden Stokes likes to go see his family in San Francisco, California and hit the movie theater. His favorite movie is The Batman.

Chelsea Miller likes to kayak with her dogs, go hiking and spend time with her family.

Issabelle Campos likes reading; her favorite book is Tokyo Ghoul. She also likes to play video games.

Hayden Parson likes to work and make films.