Aspen Bitterman on the Recent Kanye West News

Kanye West has been standing up for Adolf Hitler who has murdered over 6 million Jews. Kanye is telling Jewish people that they should forgive him and this is totally not ok. Kanye said, “Jewish people, forgive Hitler today,” and “Let it go. Stop trying to force it on other people” (The Jerusalem Post). He clearly has something going on with him mentally. Honestly, why do people support him. It’s fine if you like some of his music but praising this man like he’s a god is just not right.

Jewish people and any other religion or ethnicity do not deserve to be put down and talked about like this. Why would they forgive Hitler for something so gruesome and terrible? He also treated Kim Kardashian horribly no one should be treated the way that she was, he should not be praised for what he is saying. And yes listening to his music is making him get more money but I guess if you really like his music listen to it just don’t support his erratic behavior.

There are many other people who are supporting Kanye and he has a cult following. Many other people are doing the same thing ¨influencers” and celebrities and famous sports players. Like for example Kyrie Irving, he made an anti Semitic post about an anti Semitic movie with a link to watch it promoting the movie which then led to him being suspended from the NBA.