Sisterhood of the Spiked Ball

What makes a good volleyball team? For the JV volleyball team, the answer is working together to form a team sisterhood. On the court, the players collaborate for success, and that has led to many successful wins, but the bonds they’ve formed remain after the game is over and is even more meaningful than any win.
“Working with the girls on the team is so much fun, and we all become a close group of friends during the season, and we remain friends after. Once you’re on the team and you work with someone every day, you start to trust them and work together like you can read the other person’s mind, and we become like a family that is obsessed with volleyball which is really nice. Volleyball has given me not only friends, but people who I consider my volleyball sisters; being on the team has made my high school experience so much more enjoyable because I have people who I look forward to seeing and who I can create amazing memories with while we do fun stuff together,” shared Arlie Aasen ‘25.
The girls have to work hard during the season in order to have the most positive, impactful, and memorable season they can, and they form a team family through bonding over the short time and by working together. Players on the team enter the season learning to work well with others, but they leave with lasting friendships. The teamwork of the girls on the team has contributed to their success through their support of each other and willingness to help each person on the team better their skills.
Dakota Coffman ‘25, says of the team experience, “The team is more than a team; it’s a family. We argue, have disagreements, and sometimes get upset with each other, but that never affected the way we played on the court.”
Though each season brings a new set of challenges, it also brings a new opportunity to meet new people and create a lifelong sisterhood. Seeing the girls on the court makes it obvious how much being on the team and being with their teammates means to them. It is evident that the players will always have each other’s backs, both on and off of the court.