Girls basketball overview


Girls Basketball (freshman)

The RHS freshman girls basketball team has done positively well in this season, playing with a lot of determination. These young women put in so much work and commitment to this sport. The “Orange R” got some inside information from the delightful coach herself, Sasha Aumock. She really taught these girls a ton since this season started.

Coach Aumock mentioned how, in the beginning, it was challenging because of COVID but they pushed through. These girls are consistent and growing as a team, and working together to get better. There were some girls who didn’t know the layout of the court or didn’t know how to play. Now, they have found their rhythm as a team and figured out the game.

Aumock also stated that these girls have shown major growth since the start and she is very proud of each and every one of their accomplishments. They have significantly improved their skills and are doing outstanding.

As of February 22, the team has won six of their games and lost four, with a handful of games left, and Aumock thinks they are going to finish strong. For example, they have two more chances to play Grants Pass, and they are going to do better.

Aumock preached, “ Hopefully we end this season on a high note. These girls are movin’ and groovin’!”

Thanks to the coach, these girls are having an amazing season, but this team is inspiring as a whole. RHSappreciates the good season and many more to come!